Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trashing Up Your Blog Site

I think one of the most frustrating experiences while surfing the blogging world is the large number of bloggers who just TRASH up their page with JUNK!

I know, I know, one woman's JUNK is another woman's TREASURE, but give me a break!

Many blogs have so many advertisements that they lose all effectiveness. My husband tends to overdo it too...who clicks on these things anyway?

In the race to make money from blogs, folks, I'm afraid it's too late. New bloggers are deluding themselves if they believe that they will become rich (or even comfortable) by placing Performancing, Adbrite, Google Adsense, Project Wonderful, and Pepperjam (just to name a few) all over their sites.

What suffers is the appearance of the site as well as it's reputation. The personal nature of a blog and the originality have been subsumed to the greed of advertising opportunity.

1 comment:

  1. Hey are you talking about my blog! LOL I don't like Google Adsense but Project Wonderful I make 30 to 50 cents a day from, which is not much looking at it but makes a nice piggy bank for a rainy day down the road.